Shentou Overview

Shenzhen Shentou Investment Co. Ltd. focuses on providing consultancy service in cross-border M&A for companies home and abroad.

Using our rich cross-border M&A experience and unique sense of investment, Shentou is constantly seeking opportunities for cross-border investment and industry integration. We focus on manufacturing industries and their sub-sectors, especially in automotive parts, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and rail transportation. Our Partners have worked in the manufacturing industries or finance for more than 20 years each. Some of them used to be the senior executives or shareholders of automotive parts companies and planned and executed several creative M&A and JV projects.

Shentou Advantages

Long and rich history

Shentou Investment Co. Ltd. was among the pioneers of cross-border M&A institutions after the start of the reform and opening up policy, assisting corporations in business operations and management.

Cross-border Investment and Corporation

Applying our abundant knowledge, experience in international M&A and supervising investment perspectives, we constantly seek opportunities of cross-border investment and cooperation.

Focus on Manufacturing Industry

Shentou focuses on domestic and foreign manufacturing industry and respective sub-sectors.

Translator of thoughts and cultures

We are not limited to information transfer at any linguistic level; we emphasize on implementing exchange of thoughts and culture.

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